I'm a freelance chef and food stylist, with a wide range of practical and editorial skills within the culinary sector. Over seven years in the industry I've worked on many diverse projects, styling food for television and cookery books. Clients include Waitrose, the BBC and Channel 4 as well as publishers such as Penguin. In these roles I've developed a varied cooking knowledge, cooking for the likes of Gordon Ramsay, Nigella Lawson and Tom Kerridge. I've also spent time working at restaurants such as Rochelle Canteen and The Good Egg, developing experience in both seasonal British menus and Middle Eastern Cuisine. 

My career has also focused a strong skill-set in food culture and communication. My work has included writing and presenting prominent talks, specialised menu design and creating brand-specific social media content. Here's a taste of past projects:

The Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising, 'When Cola Went POP!' (February 2016); Tate Britain,  ‘Jellies, Custards and Creams: How Sugar Tells Us Who We Are’ (November 2013); The Experimental Food Society, ‘Food Rebels and Revolutionaries’ (November 2013); Salon London,  ‘Drugs We Love – a History of Gastronomic Highs’ (September 2013); V&A, ‘The Icing on the Cake: Food, Style & Cultural Identity’ (March 2012).

Whether browsing my cake collection or rifling through my recipes and style features, you'll find the same distinct approach: a food + design ethos that pays attention to the ingredients and the ideas within what we eat. I curate a distinct edible aesthetic that emphasises the uneven and asymmetrical. It's a call for thoughtful, stylish food that moves beyond the kitchen cliches of domesticity

Booking Curated Cakes to make the favours for our wedding was one of the easiest decisions we made. We wanted a sweet treat to go with our custom blend of tea, and Leonie made the perfect accompaniment. The individual care, attention to detail, and sheer yumminess of the end product was unparalleled, and a huge hit with our guests. We cannot recommend Leonie and Curated Cakes highly enough.
— Tabitha & Spencer
Leonie’s cakes look beautiful and all have a story to tell based on thoughtful historical research. But that would be pointless if they didn’t also taste delectable. These are the most moreish cakes in London.
— Odette Toilette
Leonie instilled us with confidence from the beginning and choosing our desserts was the least stressful process of our entire wedding. We had a trio of desserts, all were absolutely delicious and were loved by all of our guests. Her attention to detail in the presentation was exemplary which gave it the proper ‘wow’ factor.
— Izzy & Ollie
The literary favours Leonie created for my wedding perfectly captured the whimsical, bookish atmosphere of the day. They were an exquisite addition to the tables; both beautifully packaged and delicious.
— Sara Clarke