How much do Curated Cakes cost?

Wedding trios start at £300 + delivery

How much is delivery?

At present I deliver to London venues within zones 1-3. Standard delivery is £75.

How many people does a Curated Cake serve?

I provide two sizings to guide your purchase, depending on how you intend on serving your cake: dessert slice or traditional wedding slice. We consider 'dessert' slices to be birthday-cake style wedges, 4cm wide at the outside. The 'wedding' slices are the more traditional columns, 4cm by 2cm.

Cake trios consist of a 23cm (large), 18cm (medium) + 12cm (small) cake. In total, our wedding trios serve up to 150 people

What happens if I want to order for a smaller group of people?

At the moment my cakes are only available in the 'trio' format. However some designs freeze well, so if it isn't all eaten, you can still keep some for later! Don't hesitate to contact me and ask advice.

How far in advance do I need to make my order?

As much notice as possible is the rule of thumb, so I can make sure everything for your cake is perfect. However, if you are choosing from the set Collection, a minimum of two weeks is necessary.

For more bespoke designs or styling lead times will be longer, depending on the project. Just get in touch and ask - I'm happy to answer any questions!

How do I store my cakes?

Many of my designs should be stored under 23C, and last up to 3 days. Cakes with fresh cream or cut fruit generally require refrigeration - bring up to room temperature at least 30 mins before serving.

Can I hire your cake stands for my wedding trio?

Yes, my cake stands can be hired, depending on availablity. A refundable deposit is charged and you must organise the safe return of the hired goods on the next working day after the event.