THE STORY: It’s 1930s Berlin, amid the buzzing jazz and cabaret scene. The Black Forest Gateau (BFG) has taken the city by storm. Although tales of its origins vary (some claim 1915 near Bonn), it’s certainly here that the cake takes off. After all, café culture is booming.

Of course, this is nothing unique to Berlin - coffeehouses all across Europe have become emporiums of sugar, caffeine and culture. Think Freud in Vienna, Van Gogh in Paris. But there’s something about Berliner decadence that has a particularly heady allure: just like this cake, it’s full of dark exuberance and desperate delight. 

 So forget the clichés of the British 1980s restaurant scene. True BFG should be thrilling, sophisticated and intoxicatingly good. Like the 1930s recipes that inspired this design, this BFG is a moreish chocolate sponge spiked with kirsch; but the addition of vanilla bean, sour cherries and whipped chocolate ganache bring it right into the 21st century.

 No wonder this gateau is traditionally called the Queen of Cakes.




Size – 22cm, 18cm + 12cm
No. of Guests – 150
Sponge – chocolate
Filling –  Vanilla Buttercream + Cherry Compote
Icing – Chocolate Buttercream
Allergies – contains eggs, dairy, gluten and traces of nuts